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Everything about Geometry: Constructions Tutor app

End of School Year

The school year is coming to an end. It was the first school year for Geometry Pad. And Geometry: Constructions Tutor has only been around for a couple of months. Despite the short history of both projects, we’re quite happy with where we are right now. We’re humbled with the great amount of positive feedback we’re receiving from teachers and students. Thanks to user feedback, which has included requests for additional features, Geometry Pad has evolved with 9 major updates into something much more robust and useful than it was in the beginning.

We are also quite happy to see that more and more schools are adopting the iPad version of Geometry Pad. At least a couple of schools join every week. With recent news coming from the Google I/O conference, we are also very hopeful about the future of Geometry Pad for Android. Soon schools will get powerful tools for discovering and deploying educational apps on Android platforms. With affordable pricing for both hardware and software, the future of Android in schools is looking very bright.

We’re not planning to stop with these achievements though! The next major update of Geometry Pad is currently in development. Plenty of new features and improvements in the existing functionality are on the way, all based on requests from our users. The update will be released in the early summer on both iPad and Android. We hope that with the new version of Geometry Pad teachers and students will be well armed for another year of geometry studies!

Geometry: Constructions Tutor

We are happy to present our new app Geometry: Constructions Tutor. With Geometry: Constructions Tutor learn to make constructions with compass, pencil and straightedge. Learn constructions by watching animated demonstrations. Switch to the practice mode and make a construction yourself to test your knowledge and understanding. The application will check the construction when you’re done and tell you if you’re correct. Let the program confirm your constructions and build your confidence!
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