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Perpendicular, Parallel and Tangent Lines

Persistent Snapping and Persistent Measurements Windows

2 thoughts on “Demo Videos

  1. Geoffrey Cockhill

    Acquired app from iTunes App Store today, 25 May 2013. Bought Premium Pack immediately,
    Watched your YouTube tutorials and was delighted. Am pursuing Orbital Mechanics; believe Geometry Pad
    will facilitate tangents representing velocity vectors, focii placement in ellipses , etc.

    Some products of this work may serve to illustrate lectures before amateur astronomers and —
    in presentations before seniors or school-children — I may want to create objects in real time.
    Noted in FAQs comments regarding classroom usage… should I have bought Pad+?

    Very interested to see function capability. Perhaps this will be enhanced to allow user-defined functions?
    Am looking forward to becoming a “Geometer” with the aid of this impressive App!

    1. Evgeny Post author

      Thank you for your feedback. Glad to hear that Geometry Pad is helpful with your studies. To answer your question – you don’t need Geometry Pad+ if you already bought Premium Features Pack. Schools usually buy Geometry Pad+ because it is either that way to distribute the app across all iPad in a classroom.
      I agree, user-defined functions would be great to have in Geometry Pad. We have an overwhelming amount of feature requests from our users and we’re constantly working on implementing part of them. I can’t guarantee anything but all requests are at least considered. Keep an eye on the future updates!

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