icon144x144 Geometry Pad
Geometry Pad is a dynamic geometry application for Mac, iPad and Android tablets. Geometry Pad is your personal assistant in teaching and learning geometry through practice. With Geometry Pad you can create fundamental geometric shapes, explore and change their properties, calculate metrics, and apply transformations.
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icon144x144 Area Model – Multiplication and Division
Area Model – Multiplication and Division is an app designed to develop the skills elementary students need to understand and illustrate multiplication and division problems in adherence to the common core state standards. Students benefit from a visual example of the math concept using Base Ten manipulatives.
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icon144x144 Geometry: Constructions Tutor
With Geometry: Constructions Tutor learn to make constructions with a compass, pencil and straightedge. Learn constructions by watching animated demonstrations. Switch to the practice mode and make a construction yourself to test your knowledge and understanding. The application will check the construction when you’re done and tell you if you’re correct. Let the program confirm your constructions and build your confidence!
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  1. Warren Selekman, PHD

    Thank you for developing these excellent tools. I use them along with your demonstration videos to refresh my geometry knowledge and to help my two pre-teen grandsons learn geometry. I am still active as a clinical psychologist and have undertaken to review all of my math and science courses to keep a 70 year old mind free of senior mental sludge. It may be a losing battle but I’m in there fighting, thanks, in part, to your wonderful applications. Please let me know of any updates or new videos on both Geometry Pad and Constructions. Thanks again.


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