Geometry Pad 2.4.7

Geometry Pad 2.4.7 is now available on Apple App Store. Here is what’s new in this version.

Export to Dropbox
It was already possible to save Geometry Pad documents to Dropbox. However, we received multiple requests to make it easier to export a document as an image or a PDF file to a Dropbox account. It is finally possible. Export to Dropbox works the same way as export as an image or a PDF. Just select the format and press the Share icon in the top right corner. The Dropbox button should be at the end of the list. Once the button is pressed, you can select destination folder and the file name.

Fill ellipses and sectors
As well as many other shapes, ellipses and sectors can be filled with a color now.

Autosave option
The Settings menu has new Autosave parameter. All changes are saved automatically when the parameter is On. However, sometimes you need to open a document, and make changes without saving them. In that case, you need to open the document and turn the Autosave parameter Off. You can now make changes and reload the same document without saving. Please note, that the Autosave parameter is automatically turned back On when you create a new document or open a different one. It is a safeguard against unintentional data loss.

Bug fixing and minor improvements
We keep fixing bugs and implement changes to make user experience as smooth as possible. Contact us through the Feedback form inside the app to share your opinions and ideas.