What is the Premium Features Pack and why should I buy it?

The Premium Features Pack is a set of premium features that are unlocked through an in-app purchase. The premium features include transformations, compass, metric labels, tangent lines, Dropbox, various export formats, calculator, importing images and maps. The list of premium features is constantly growing and new features are usually added free of charge if you bought the original package. We reserve a right to introduce new in-app products at some point. However, Premium Features Pack is the only in-app product we’ve been offering for the past two years.

To buy the Premium Features Pack tap the “Go Premium” button, review the features description and price, and click the Buy button when you are ready to make the transaction.

Premium Features Pack is not just some additional features you can use today, it is also an investment. Geometry Pad is updated on a regular basis. Each update will bring new features to the Premium Pack. And the price will increase as we add more and more features. Buying it now you are getting all these future improvements for free.

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