Geometry Pad 2.6.0

We’re happy to announce that Geometry Pad 2.6.0 is now available for Mac, iPad and Android devices. Here is what’s new:

A dedicated tool for building polylines. Especially useful for measuring distances on maps. The total length of a polyline is calculated in the Metrics tab of its properties window. Or it could be displayed as a metric label.

Circle through three points
Build a circle by tapping three points on the screen.

Build a triangle with the given two sides and angle between them
Just one more way to build a custom triangle. Available in the f(x) menu.

Golden section
Each segment or polygon side has ‘Show Golden Section’ property. If property is on then the golden section point of the segment is displayed.

Compass improvements
The compass now displays the distance between two points when in resizing mode. You can also input the radius manually by tapping on the distance label when resizing.

Calculator improvements
New features: backspace, copy/paste (long press), 1/x, x^y, inverse trigonometry functions (asin, acos, atan).

New sharing screen
Sharing got its own screen in the new version. In addition to the output format, you can now select the area of the document you want to share (image and PDF only). While in sharing screen, just drag the corners or sides of the cropping rectangle to select the area.

PDF export
PDF export was fixed to be truly vector now.