Geometry Pad 2.0

We’re happy to announce that Geometry Pad 2.0 is now available in Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. We’ve added many new features and made improvements that should make the app more user friendly. Please see the full list below.

Quadratics include hyperbolas and parabolas. You can create a quadratic curve by entering its equation. Each curve is fully customizable. You can change color, width and labels, and control other parameters like focus and special lines visibility. It is also possible to change a curve by moving its focus points or by moving the entire curve. And snapping works with curves as well. You can snap any point to a curve. You can also find intersections of a line with a curve.

Tangent lines
It is now possible to create a tangent line at a given point for the following shapes: circle, ellipse and quadratics. The tangent line is snapped to a shape and is adjusted automatically when the shape changes.

Metric labels
The Metric label is a text label with a computable value mixed in. For example, you can create a text label that contains an equation of a line. The label is updated automatically when the line changes. Almost every shape supports one or more kinds of metric labels. You can create your own by mixing different kinds together. For example, for a triangle you can create a label like “The area of the triangle ABC is {area} and its perimeter is {perimeter}”. {area} and {perimeter} will be replaced by triangle’s area and perimeter values.

Isometric dot grid
This is a different type of grid that helps with construction of simple 3d shapes built from cuboids. The feature is experimental and we’re looking for ways to extend and improve it in future versions.

Text styles
All text labels created with the Metric label or the Text tool can now be customized with a different font style (bold, italic, underlined) and size.

Better persistent snapping
We have made many improvements with persistent snapping. Your constructions now stay connected no matter what! And we made this feature available in the free edition of Geometry Pad.

Smaller improvements
We also made a few smaller improvements. For example it is now easier to scroll and zoom a document if you have many shapes on it. A touch will start interacting with a shape only if you hold your finger long enough. Otherwise it will be treated as a scroll/zoom gesture.

Please let us know what you think about the new version. And don’t hesitate to ask any questions.