Geometry Pad 1.8

We’re happy to announce that Geometry Pad 1.8 was released. This iterative update brings important features and changes that were requested by our users. The full list is below.

The compass tool is something you know from a geometry class. Simply put, it allows you to easily draw arcs. You can say that Geometry Pad already has arcs. It is true, but a compass is required in many geometric constructions that would be hard to replicate using just the Arc tool. Our compass is very easy to use. In fact, you just need one finger to move it around, rotate it, change the radius and draw arcs. Please take a look at the demo videos to see how it works. With the compass tool you can easily replicate all constructions from our Geometry: Constructions Tutor app.

Perpendicular bisector
You could already build perpendicular bisectors using the Midpoint property of a line and perpendicular snapping. However, a dedicated tool is nice to have because this element is widely used when making constructions. Just select the new tool and tap a line you need to build a perpendicular bisector for.

In Geometry Pad, vectors are just segments with arrows on the ends. In addition to that you can customize each segment or polygon side to have a different start/end style. It can be a circle, square, arrow or empty. You can also change all vertices at once from the Settings menu.

Line equation
Previously you could only input lines as a*x + b*y + c = 0. Now you can also input a line as y = a * x + b.

There are a few more improvements we made:
– All intersections are detected automatically and displayed as points. You can turn this off in the Settings.
– You can now display an angle value in a polygon for a given vertex. Just open the polygon properties and then go to the vertex properties.
– Double tap the screen to go back to (0, 0) location. It only works if coordinate axes are visible.