Plans for Geometry Pad

We are receiving a great volume of response from our Geometry Pad users. We feel very fortunate to have so much positive feedback and so many great, thoughtful users. We do realize that even though Geometry Pad has proven to be useful to a lot of students and educators around the globe, we still have some work to do. And we have big plans for the future versions.
First of all, we’d like to improve the features we already have. Fortunately, our users have plenty of good suggestions and that’s what we will focus on. Secondly, we’d like to implement more features to cover even more topics in geometry and calculus and to make Geometry Pad even more interactive, engaging and fun to use. In this case, we are not going to put just some random features in. We will add what is most asked for. Thankfully we already have a number of great candidates. Please let us know over e-mail or in comments below what are your suggestions!

And that’s our plans for the spring and summer of 2013!