Geometry Pad Pricing

In this post we’d like to address a very delicate issue of Geometry Pad pricing and uncover our strategy on pricing of apps in general.

Probably number one reason for one and two star ratings on Apple App Store and Google Play is that there is not enough free features in Geometry Pad. We totally understand users frustration when they download a free application just to discover that a lot of the features are premium only. It was made this way because Geometry Pad was never intended to be free. However, we strongly believe that users need to be given a taste of an application before they decide to buy it. Unfortunately, Apple App Store policies explicitly prohibit demo and trial modes for the published apps. So it was no way to go for Geometry Pad. As an alternative we had to create a free app that is actually useful and put all advanced features into the premium features pack. That way users get a plenty of free features to use, it complies with Apple policies and we have a source of revenue that allows us to sustain our small company.

That’s a related issue we’d like to cover. We are just a small development studio. We don’t have any external funding, we’re not a part of a big company or an educational institution and we don’t have a trust fund to live off. The price we charge for Geometry Pad is an essential source of revenue that is put back into the project and our team members. Being a paid application is the only way for Geometry Pad to survive. At least for now.

We’ve been working hard on Geometry Pad for over a year now and we feel like $5.99 is a fair price for the app. The price rose from $2.99 as we were adding more and more features. And it might rise again in the future. We don’t plan any price decreases as we believe it would be unfair to the users who already paid the full price and contributed into the project by spreading the word about it and giving us a great feedback.

As always, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!